I Met My Husband In 24 hours on JWed!

Esther Neuwirth from Teaneck & Michael Stone from Teaneck

Match #: 3303 & 3304

I had finally married off my youngest child and after a few months my daughter and her new husband told me that it was my turn! They wanted to see me as happy as they were. They felt I was still young (48) and should not spend the rest of my life alone. so they said they were going to do something about it - they were going to put my bio and a photo of me from their wedding on JWed. My first reaction was Oh No! I really was not interested in getting remarried, I had some very bad experiences. besides I had just started a new career and my children were giving me grandchildren, I was quite content. I also felt very uncomfortable with finding someone on a website. They told me not to worry and that they would take care of everything and vet any potential suitors. I finally acquiesced. I was only on the site for 24 hours and my husband (53) found me!! We exchanged emails over 2 days and then he asked to call me. Our first call was 4 hours long and the rest is history. We are now married 12 1/2 years and are very happy.