LA to Philadelphia!

Toby Stoltberg (63) from Penn Valley PA & Yaakov Stoltberg (65) from Same

Match #: 3343 & 3344

A new message! Should I pay for another month when none of the other contacts panned out? Well my curiosity got the better of me. The picture appeared -twinkle in his eyes and great smile. A Rebbe, father to 7 children, in LA...okay. Then came the sinker as he likes science fiction, bowling and swimming. I abhor science fiction, haven’t bowled in years and only tolerate swimming. Well BH I answered back and we quickly began to find connection!

In the meantime, I had sold my dream house to allow my two remaining children in the house and I to be more in the frum community. However the settlement was not for another 6 months with plenty of time to find another house. On a trip out to Denver to visit a friend, we began talking more and negotiating our priorities, values and across the country possibilities .

After talking 4 weeks late into the night for me due to the 3 hour time difference, it was time to meet. Yaakov came to me and besides feeling pretty good about us, he was brilliant with my 2 younger children. We traveled back and forth, taking my kids with me several times. I loved this man and LA. My house was sold, one obstacle out of the way. I was ready for a job change after 16 years, another obstacle out of the way. Yaakov asked me to marry him and we had a beUtiful backyard wedding in my dream house with 8 of our 12 combined children.
We then packed up and rented an apartment sight unseen! We arrived 2 months after our marriage to LA to begin anew❣️

Fast forward 12 years that we have been married. We have 6 children that married and 12 grandchildren thus far. We are blessed with great children and adore our grandchildren. We since moved back to Philadelphia to be closer to our family. Of course, we navigated many trials and tribulations but here we are facing retirement together, a new puppy to parent together and navigating our retirement dreams.
I feel so grateful to have a husband, companion and confidente, I get such joy in watching us be bubble and Zeide to many kinderlach😀how is it possible we would ever have met if JWed did not serve as Hashem’s vehicle from LA to Philadelphia 🛩