Found new family thanks to a guy I met on JWed!

Mira Cohen from Israel & New_relatives! from Israel

Match #: 3249 & 3250

You know I was talking to a guy from France in JWed and I asked him if he
is tunisian because he looks alot like my brother and he told me that he is
dating a tunisian girl and I asked him whats her name and I found out that
her grandfather and my father are cousins so we met today and it was very
nice that I found a relative of mine that I have never heard of because her
grandfather stayed in Djerba he never came to Israel so I didnt find a
husband on JWed but I met my relative and her sister to they both came to
Israel and it was very good thing to meet distant family. I m in the middle
and Judith my relative she looks alot like me I think its amazing.