It Took Me 7 Months To Respond!

Sabrina & Dan

Match #: 3727 & 3728

Thank you JWed for a service without which myself and Dan would never have met!
A service in which souls/neshamot from all over the world can connect.

Dan and I were both members of JWed and Dan took the initiative to send me a message.

The only issue is that it took me 7 months to respond!!

Should I have been more active and a believer, we would have met sooner and probably started our lives together sooner as well!

Most of our information was outlined on the profile so we knew we were both interested.

Bh, after a few messages exchanged, we planned to meet each other, and have never stopped till our wedding day!

Thank you so much again for creating a service that has helped so many singles find their soulmate!

Sabrina and Dan